Versa Two-Way Radios
Leading Two-Way Radio Security Communications Brand in the Philippines

VERSA is one of the leading two-way radio security communications brands in the Philippines with proven reliability in performance and quality of service. VERSA Two-Way Radios are designed for optimal safety, security, and surveillance.  

Designed with your business in mind, VERSA Two-way Radios are dependable, NTC-approved communication devices ideal for: 

✔ Security Agencies
✔ Hotels & Resorts
✔ Restaurants
✔ Logistics & Delivery Companies
✔ Construction
✔ Manufacturing

VERSA Two-Way Radios are available Nationwide through our authorized dealers and service centers. Or you may send us a message and inquire on how to upgrade your communications to VERSA

Upgrade to Versa today!

Darwin Banlaygas
15 January, 2021
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