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 VERSA TWO WAY RADIOS is a leading two-way radio security communications brand in the Philippines

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Reliable, Dependable, High-Performance Two-Way Radio Communication

The VERSA brand is fast becoming a recognized brand nationwide by radio dealers, system integrators, and security dealers due to its economical yet superior performance, reliability, and service.

Versa's focus on continuous development ensures providing the local market with technologically up-to-date, top-notch, high-quality products for safety, security, and surveillance.


Mustang: Kasama Ka Sa Usapan by Versa Two-way Radio

Respected Mustang Security Agency has been sourcing their security communication needs from Versa 2-way radios.

As an early adopter of the latest in security communication technologies, Mustang ensures that their security workforce is well-equipped and well-trained to perform their duties.

Watch this video feature on Mustang Security Agency.


Kasama Ka Sa Usapan: CTU Security & Investigation Agency Inc.

Here's how CTU Security & Investigation Agency Inc., an all-Filipino company, evolved into one of the country's premier in the field of operations.

In partnership with VersaNet Vega, their disaster response, and day-to-day security operations have always been easy and efficient.

Watch this video feature on CTU Security & Investigation Agency Inc.


Maximum Control & Unlimited Coverage with VersaNet Vega Smart Radios

Enjoy maximum coverage with VersaNet Vega, a compact and smart PoC two-way radio that offers unmatched indoor and outdoor telco networks for your PTT

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Featured Radios

VersaNet VEGA Smart Radio

Go Digital with VEGA Smart Radio and get license-free nationwide 4G/LTE network coverage over PTT communications

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Instant communication with a single press. Adapt to the new normal communication with the QuickTalk app.

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Connect. Command. Control. Versa's QuickTalk Pro is the country's trusted professional license-free two-way radio

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Durability that can be relied on, the QuickTalk Go conveniently comes with a free government-approved NTC permit.

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Power and coverage range is the ultimate weapon to perform your duties. Simple yet powerful, Ultima gets the job done. Achieve command and control in your hands.

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Versa HERO

Functional grab-and-go design ensures crisp and clear communications in various settings. Perfect for professionals and amateurs alike.

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Upgrade your security communicatons with VERSA Two Way Radios. Equip your business with reliable, high performance and technology up-to-date communication product for safety and security.

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Keep your operations running smoothly with Versa's Two-Way Radios.

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Government & Public Safety

Keep communities safe during critical situations and emergencies with Versa's Two-Way Radios.

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Consumer & Household

Keep your friends and family safe. Versa Two-Way Radios provides an easy way to stay in touch with your loved ones

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Every Child Needs A Hero 

Help a student in Candoni, Negros Occidental pursue their education in the coming school year. Assist and ensure that modular distance learning is accessible and efficient. By donating you will be helping us provide. Two-way radio handsets to the students.

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